Can I make a YouTube video of one of your games?
Yes, go for it! Monetize it! I’ll be more than happy that Elliot Quest is spread all around!
What do you use to make your games?
Photoshop for graphics. Javascript plus ImpactJs game engine


  • grypht

    I’ve been enjoying the game so far, but I can’t seem to find or buy any more bombs than the first ones you get with the bomb bag. Am I missing something or is this a bug?

    • ansimuz

      You can buy more at the town in the upper metallic house.

  • rm

    I love the game, but something buggy just happened! Elliot turned and all the other people and monsters turned into a square flicker. Every time I reload the game now! I don’t want to lose my progress. Help!

    • ansimuz

      Hi Rm,

      Can you elaborate a liitle more to help me locate the bug.

      1 – What platform are you on? OUYA, Win, mac?

      2 – When did it happen?

      3 – What progress in the game you have at the moment of the bug?

      4 – is this a persistent bug or happens at certain areas.

      The wore feedback you give me the easier to solve this bug.


      • rm

        It’s a macbook running OS X. It is actually a persistent problem after exiting the game and reopening, but resolves when I re-open from the downloaded zip file, and happily my progress is saved (good thing too, because, wow, there is a lot to this game). It is graphic error, all moving things and the vases etc. either turn to square blobs or disappear completely. Thanks again for the game.

        • rm

          Sigh. But that fix doesn’t always work. That black blue box is Elliot after exiting and reopening the game it went wonky, and then sadly, even trying to open from the zip file. Maybe it’s ok, I could use more hours of my life, but maybe not for $10.00.

          • ansimuz

            I think the problem is ram Issue. Help me testing this theory. give me your email and ill send you a low res version and see if that fixes the problem.

    • ansimuz

      Also tell me your pc specifications. Thanks

  • tijames00

    Have some controller issues on mac. Also graphical issues when using parallels. help! :)